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Enrichment API

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Platforms Supported

All plans include:

  • Fake User Information
    Click Fraud & Click farms
    Data center proxy
  • Invalid Traffic Detection
    40+ Fraud / IVT types - across GIVT & SIVT
    Built on MRC-accredited platform for the detection of Sophisticated and General IVT
    Spiders & crawlers
  • Infrastructure Level Checks
    IPv4 and IPv6 endpoints
  • Spoofing Prevention
    High risk data centers
    Domain & device spoofing
    Compromised IP ranges
  • SDKs
    iOS SDK
    Android SDK
  • Platforms Supported
    iOS, Android, Roku, FireTV, Samsung, Vizio, Sony, Panasonic, and LG
  • Device Level Checks
    Mobile and CTV device IDs
    User agents
  • Detection of Suspicious ad signals
    Hijacked sessions
    Irregular patterns
    Manipulated traffic
    Pixalate Machine Intelligence insights
    Server Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) checks

What Our Customers Are Saying

François Zolezzi
Head of Supply Quality, Criteo

“MRT offers Criteo access to critical insights helping us evaluate brand safety signals and maintain our quality standards across our in-app supply globally.”

Eric Bozinny
Senior Director, Marketplace Quality Pubmatic

“Connnected TV and mobile app advertising are both growing, but for buyers to fully embrace the potential opportunity, we need to enhance access to high-quality, brand-safety inventory.”

Peter Turner
Business Development, Linkedin Marketing Solutions

“To ensure the quality and safety of all our LAN inventory, LinkedIn uses the MRT to evaluate publishers.”

Patrick McCormack
Vice President, Global Partnerships at Verizon Media

“As ad spend on channels like CTV grows by leaps and bounds, advertisers need greater transparency into their programmatic buys.”